RTCBUK - Russian Toy Breed Club launches!!! 25th April 2015

After a 2 hour drive in the pouring rain and endless consoling of my 2 rather bored RT's we finally reached our destination, Oxford, the much anticipated and meticulously planned Russian Toy Breed Club UK meeting commenced. 

Once the voting for the temporary committee was complete tea and cakes were enjoyed and had a lovely time chatting with our new members!  It was great to finally get to share our exciting plans with some new people!!

Of course as soon as we commenced our walk down the toe path along the River Thames (with all 6 doggies in tow) the sun decided to shine!!   

Such fun was had by all, competitions included fancy dress & fastest sausage gobbler and the dogs really enjoyed showing off their talents! 

Sadly all good things must come to an end.... we set off on the long journey home (this time in the sun) and waved goodbye to our new BFF's excited that we had made history, the Russian Toy Breed Club UK was real and was ready to roll!!