Active and cheerful with a larger than life personality, the Russian Toy was originally bred both as a ratter and a watch dog. The second quality is still active in the breed and they can be very vocal.

They thrive on human companionship and can become quite attached to their family, regardless of the ages of the family members.  An energetic and nimble dog with a playful attitude whilst equally enjoying nothing more than lounging on your lap happy and content – they love laps and cuddles!

Russian Toys can be quite reserved with strangers, but very loyal to their owners, always ready to protect them from any perceived danger.  The Russian Toy is naturally territorial and in order to ensure the safety of their owner, their pack and their property they can be quite daring and courageous. This territorial and loyal nature means that the Russian Toy is perfect for not only watch dog duties, but as a companion dog.

When properly socialised the Russian Toy is perfect with other dogs, and gets on with other animals when properly introduced. They’re easy to train, and when trained through fair and patient methods will reward their owners with an obedient and loving dog great with children and other animals.

Although the breed standard notes that the behaviour is significantly different between males and females this is not felt to be strictly correct. It is believed by many experienced breeders and owners that both sexes in fact have similar behaviour traits and that any differences are more likely to come from the specific breeding lines and from the rearing, socialisation and training that they receive.