Russian Toy - The Breed

The Russian Toy, in spite of its tiny, petite size and appearance is very active, agile and has an excellent character. They are best described as bold, fearless and rarely show signs of aggression. The Russian Toy can be very territorial by nature and will defend and stand guard for the owner, its family and their possessions.

Russian Toys are extremely loyal and make the perfect companion lap dog, they love snuggling around you and will let you know when they feel neglected! The Russian Toy is a very fast learner and can be trained with great ease. They possess and share some qualities of the terrier breed nature. Two different coat types are available to choose from: Long haired and short haired (sometimes referred to as smooth coat).

Russian Toys come in many colour varieties and those recognised by FCI standards are blue-tan & brown-tan and varieties of red - including red-brown and red-sable. You may come across colours of lilac-tan and pale yellow, these possess a weakened colour gene and are not recognised as standard breed colour at the moment.

The Russian Toy is extremely sociable with adults and children alike, as well other varieties of pets and will, without doubt be an amazing and charming addition to any family! 

Take a look at the slideshow and see just how glorious these little dogs are!

Thanks to the Russian Toy Club of America for allowing RTBCUK to share this slide show