Welfare & Rescue

The Russian Toy is a delightfully charming and special breed requiring a special home. The aim of the breed club rescue is to ensure any Russian Toys in need of assistance or rehoming as a result of changes to their circumstances, hardship or sadly, neglect.

Russian Toys are tiny dogs with big personalities, they are not fashion accessories or ‘hand-bag’ dogs (although they love a good snuggle). Homes will need to be checked and prospective applicants will need to abide by the clubs rules regarding rescues and the RTBCUK's Code of Ethics.

Before applying to re-home a Russian Toy in need then please consider joining the breed club as a member via an annual subscription. The club relies on subscriptions, donations and fund raising to help with the expenses incurred in rescuing and re-homing their dogs and there will be a charge to pay on rehoming to help subsidise these costs.

Please note that Russian Toys in need will be re-homed with the applicant most suited to each individual dog and this is not necessarily based on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

If you wish to put your name on the waiting list for a rescue RT then please complete the club adoption form below .