MERLE:-   Please note that Merle is NOT a recognised colour within the Russian Toy. Merle is highly undesirable and as such Russian Toys of this colour are not eligible for registration in the United Kingdom.  

The only permissible colours as per the UK Breed Standard are as follows: - 
Black and tan, brown and tan, blue and tan, lilac and tan. Red of any shade, with or without black, brown, blue or lilac overlay. Fawn, cream. Richer shades in all colours preferred.

Google translation from an article of the National Russian breed club for Russkiy Toy dated Feb/2022

About merle: The official position of the NKP "Russian Toy"

The Presidium of the National Club informs the cynological community that cases of non-purebred breeding and aggressive propaganda of the non-existent colour in the breed - merle - have become significantly more frequent in the Russian Toy breed.

The National Club categorically objects to attempts to even mention the merle colour in relation to the Russian Toy breed!

We remind you that back in 2018, the NCP RT took the actions available within its competence. In particular, he published clarifications for breeders and fans of the breed that the merle colour is not historical, carries additional genetic problems and additional risks to the health and well-being of the livestock in general.

On April 12, 2020, the National Breed Club of Great Britain - Russian Toy Breed Club UK notified the National Breed Club that they had made a decision on the inadmissibility of registering Russian Toy Breed dogs with merle colour.

In 2020, many kennels, breeders and owners of Russian Toy from Russia contacted the NKP RT with strong concern due to the fact that the merle colour is not advancing in the breed episodically, but quite purposefully, and it seems like a new colour is possible.

The Presidium of the NKP RT initiated its own check on the situation. Based on this check, a complete confirmation of what was stated in the appeal was found, and additional facts of unacceptable behaviour of unscrupulous breeders were revealed:

• In recent years, active work has been carried out to discredit purebred breeding by a “group of breeders” who have FCI-RKF prefixes and without them, who conduct breeding work through the kennel clubs of the RKF federations.

• Unscrupulous breeders actively impose unreliable information on the community and the inhabitants, and often frankly false.

• In the social. networks, systematic work is being carried out with calls for the legalization of the merle colour and rumours are being launched about supposedly successful steps in this direction.

• Unfortunately, the practice of using dogs with RKF pedigrees in alternative organizations was confirmed, with the subsequent legalization of puppies with merle colour. A puppy with a dominant colour can only be obtained by crossbreeding, and therefore cannot be a purebred and cannot be a Russian Toy. It is not difficult to assume that with a high degree of probability when breeding dogs in

several canine organizations will not respect the principles of humane and proper attention to the health of dogs.

• Combination of FCI and RKF symbols for promotional purposes of mestizo puppies only leads to “justification” of the high price. FCI-RKF symbols are misused and misleading potential owners. This practice is unacceptable and must be stopped. Moreover, these are not isolated cases, but systematic propaganda on websites, social networks and personal pages of dog breeders.

• The irresponsibility and permissiveness of individual dealers creates distrust in the breeding activities of the RKF/NKP RT and causes direct damage to the reputation of responsible breeders. Their aggressive discussion methods lead to unnecessary tension in the community. Rudeness, blocking of interlocutors, peremptory statements about the imminent recognition of color, impartial attacks on people who ask adequate questions and expose their illegal activities - this has become their norm. But the most threatening thing in this situation is the involvement of naive buyers in their ranks, who cannot always separate lies from truth.

The NKP RT cannot control the breeding activities of breeders, but according to the Charter, it can collect information on the state of the breed in Russia and abroad. The results of the audit show that the "group of breeders", leading active breeding activities within the RKF, participating in the cynological events of the RKF-NKP, abuses the symbols of the RKF and the affiliation of their kennels to the FCI-RKF, using the authority of the largest cynological organization in Russia to promote mestizo litters, which are issued in alternative organizations.

NKP RT considered it necessary to apply to the RKF, in particular, to the standards commission. Khomasuridze Revaz Revazovich shared with us the concern about the publication of unreliable information in social networks and supported the decision against the inadmissibility of the merle colour for Russian Toy.

We remind you! The holder of the Russian Toy breed is the RKF, because the breed was created in the USSR, its formation and formation were carried out by clubs that later became members of federations, and as a result, cynological organizations working under the auspices of the RKF. Russian Toy is the work of people who worked on a unique and recognizable breed exterior, on honing the standard, on eliminating unwanted colours. Today the breed has gained worldwide recognition, but it is still young and requires careful handling, with love for the dog and breed type, as well as the classic and limited breed standard palette of colours that were conceived by the founders of the breed and carefully preserved by responsible breeders to this day. Through the efforts of the RKF and the National Club of the breed received final recognition in the FCI, respectively, we are responsible for its further development and well-being!