Contacting the Breed Club

If you have a question or concern for the attention of the Breed Club, or you wish to put forward an item for discussion by committee, please use the contact details below:

  • Secretary Chris Williams ~
  • Chairman Amanda Orchard ~
For membership queries please contact:
  • Karen Leach ~
Members wishing to include information of puppies available within the Club website please contact:
  • Amanda Orchard ~
Contact via Social Media
In the past the Club have tried to operate an open-door approach for our members where general questions or enquiries could be answered by committee through their own private Facebook messenger (or other social media outlet). This was done in good faith.

However, it has become apparent that this system has been open to abuse and clearer guidelines are needed on how members and others should make direct contact with the Breed Club.

Therefore, questions or concerns within the remit of the Breed Club will no longer be accepted by committee via their private messenger service on social media. Please use the contact details given above, and we will be happy to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Please note: Questions on the breed in general, showing and other activities, health, feeding etc that are raised by group members through the RTBCUK Facebook Group are always most welcome and we hope you will all continue to enjoy the Group and make use of the knowledge held by fellow members.